Tunnel of Love

"Ah yes, the Tunnel of Love. Maybe it's a bit old-fashioned, but it's still a crowd favorite. Even though it hasn't been running since the waterway froze, you can still walk through it and check out the signs."

Puzzle Files

The following files are required to solve this puzzle:

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You should have found eight poems. Each poem has several lines in bold - those lines are a hint for how to extract a single word from a different sign.

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When you are done, you should have an eight-word rhyming couplet.

Click to reveal Hint #3

Your final couplet is hinting you how to extract exactly one letter out of each poem. Those letters should be ordered the same way you ordered your rhyming couplet (it's possible you'll need to rotate a bit depending on where you started your couplet).

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"Interesting...you know, I think you're right! Even though the ride doesn't work, we should be able to use the backdrops and decorations for weddings. I hope no one gets cold feet!