Log Flume

"You are doing great! Let's see if you have any ideas about how to fix this log flume..."

Presentation Note: The last 4 pages of the PDF below should be printed on transparencies. These 'ice blocks' were provided to the teams pre-cut.

Puzzle Files

The following files are required to solve this puzzle:

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You will note that the clues are presented in alphabetical order, by answer. Most, but not all, of the answers will fit nicely onto the ice blocks provided. The blocks can be assembled to form the log flume track, but keep in mind that most people go around twice.

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The log flume forms a continuous path that completely overlaps itself (each letter will be used on two different clues). However, some of the answers have letters that are getting stuck and aren't showing up normally.

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If you have assembled your path, you will have noticed that double letters seem to be stuck in one cell. If you can't get an answer, you want to read those letters in a different direction.

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"That did it! Running the pumps backwards cleared up all the ice! Let's go see if you can work your magic on this darn carousel..."