"Welcome to the Carousel! As you can see, all our carousel animals have stopped working - normally they move with the melody of their songs."

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This puzzle is not yet available for download. You will need the answer for the meta though.

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It's probably best to focus on the phonetic lyrics first. Based on the pictures of the animals on the carousel, you probably have a good idea what kind of songs these might be.

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If you're having trouble matching up each song to its choreography diagram, why not try listening to the melodies?

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Each eleven-syllable lyric is from a different Disney musical. Each animal represents a note from the melody of those eleven syllables. One of those animals is from the musical that contains that lyric.

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Once you have the songs and appropriate characters, you can line up the lyrics with the choreography diagrams to discover the exact syllable that the animal from the musical is "singing."

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"That worked! Once I shut off the music, the animals were able to go at their own speed! Now let's see what else there is to fix..."