"Hey, Werewolf, what are you up to?" Joan greeted her good friend.

Werewolf barely looked up from his phone, "Hi Joan, I'm just, uh, a little busy at the moment, give me a couple of minutes."

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This puzzle is presented as a web application.

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The likes of a particular profile have some sort of wordplay gimmick that links them. Figuring out the gimmick will help you correctly swipe the possible matches in the right direction. You don't need to research anything about any of the items in question.

There should be seven different profiles. If you don't see them all, you'll need to scroll down. Also, the names of the profiles are just for flavor.

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Here are some more details of the wolves:

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Aware Wolf has to do with state abbreviations.

Bare Wolf is all about vowels.

Care Wolf likes to cut things in two.

Dare Wolf has come full circle.

Eclair Wolf is short and sweet when chatting on the Internet.

Flair Wolf is dearly beloved.

Glare Wolf likes to spice things up with tea.

Once you have all your swipes, there's a bit of work left for you.

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To get your final answer, convert the thumbs up and down into 5-bit binary. For example, Aware Wolf is UP, DOWN, DOWN, UP, UP, or 10011, which converts to the base 10 number 19, which is the letter S.

If you don't understand how to decode in binary, please come see the staffer. This is the last hint.

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"Uh oh...I'm sorry Joan, but I just got a text from my girlfriend. It looks like one of my matches is a good friend of hers...I think I better go sort this out."

“That was a bonehead mistake,” uttered Joan Marrow. “It’s too bad he and his girlfriend won’t be able to make it to my Death Day party now. I’m sure the rest of my day will go a lot smoother.”