Pocket Monsters

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The colors are irrelevant for solving this puzzle and are only there to make sure BooKeeper knows which Pokémon you're trying to catch.

While it may help slightly to know the basics of how to catch Pokémon, you won't need any highly specialized knowledge of Pokémon or Pokémon Go.

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A good Pokémon trainer uses more than just ordinary Poké Balls!

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All the Pokémon can be captured using a phrase of the form ____ BALL. The level of the Pokémon indicates the length of what goes in the blank.

If you manage to catch one, hopefully it won't struggle too much!

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The number of times the ball shakes is an index into the ball type's name. Your final answer will read in the order of the horseshoe pattern around the perimeter of your map.

Come see the staffer to have help catching any single Pokémon.

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This is the last hint. Come see the staffer for any additional help.

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"Silly me. Well, have fun guys," Joan replied cheerily as she grabbed her bag and headed off to find another friend. "I'm sure the next one will say 'yes'!"