Joan was pretty sure it was Mummy's day off, so she jauntily headed off to the spa where she hoped she would run into her best friend. Sure enough, there in the lobby she ran into Mummy, ready to unwind at the end of a long week. "When you're done, do you want to come to my Death Day party tonight?"

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Each of the eight ribbons wraps around one of the bones to form a clue reading straight across. You'll need to use trial and error to determine which ribbon goes where.

You might find using tape to be helpful. The numbers in parentheses are the lengths of the answers. The colors of the ribbons are irrelevant to the solving of the puzzle. All text after the clue should be ignored.

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The mummified objects are literally "wrapped" inside of other letters, forming answers to the clues on your handout (determining which one goes with which is something you'll need to figure out). Make sure to keep track of your "wrappers"!

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The answers to the bone clues are very similar to the answers to the mummy clues. Can you match them based on their "wrappers"?

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You can pair mummy answers to bone answers because the letters on the outsides are the same. For example, "Refrained" is STOPPED, which is SPED wrapped around TOP. "Used a card" is SWIPED, which also has a SPED wrapper. You'll need to remember that WI when deriving your answer.

Note: Not all wrappers will be words. Extra letters inside of the bone answers will either be two or three letters.

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After you have a thematic message, you'll need to do one more wrapping. Is there something nearby that you could use?

This is the last hint for this puzzle. Please see the staffer for any additional help.

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a wrap session

"I'd love to, Joan, I really would, but I've got a seaweed wrap planned that could take all evening - maybe next year?"

"No problem," Joan smiled, "have a great day!" and trotted off, sure that her next friend wouldn't let her down.