Death Day Party

Still excited about her Death Day, but perhaps a bit dejected, Joan arrived at the bar. Before she could order herself a celebratory drink, the hostess smiled and handed her a small package.

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Each mini puzzle is a callback to one of the earlier monster puzzles. In most cases, you'll need to know how that puzzle worked. You also might need to use actual components from the original clue. Note: if you got skipped over a puzzle, come see us and we'll help you understand the mechanics of that puzzle.

To prevent guessing, BooKeeper will not confirm individual answers for the mini-puzzles. However, once you have the answers for all ten minis, you can confirm them all by entering the first three letters of every answer in the order of their signatures. This will also accelerate your hint clock, giving you more useful hints earlier.

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To solve the meta, you'll first need to figure out the mini-puzzles. Your answers from the main event will come into play after that.

Here are hints for the individual minis:

Mr. Hyde - The names of the cover bands are two-letter changes from the original artists also hinted at in the clue.

Cyclops - What's this object look like from three different perspectives?

Hydra - There are 5 countries of the world that have something in common. The M at the bottom is the original head of a five-letter word.

Pockét Monsters - You should have a larger version of what's inside that Poké Stop logo. You've used that lightning bolt logo before, haven't you?

Godzilla - That 6x6 grid should be at the height of your interest right now.

Shelob - What's this... a new box? Try looking near the center of your poster to make one more word.

Werewolf - If only I could remember the names of all the dates I've turned down.

Medusa - You're looking for three more colors, but not from the legos.

Mummy - Time for one final wrap!

Minotaur - In Boston, a bull who is able to perform addition in June, July, and August is known as a SUMMABLE.

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Here are bigger hints for the individual minis, each of whose answer is a country of the world:

Mr. Hyde - The third cover band is WHIGS, which is two letters off from WINGS. Use the IN as part of your answer, which will then suggest a seven letter country.

Cyclops - Think about how the object would look from the top (Z), the left (Y), and then the right (X) to get three letters.

Hydra - There are five countries that end in -ANIA. You need the one whose flag you don't see.

Pockét Monsters - Scan the Poké Map that you used earlier. Then on your screen, touch the colored Poké Stops in order.

Godzilla - Find the five buildings that correspond to the circles. Index into those building names by the heights of those buildings.

Shelob - Your answer will connect to both COUNTRY and CHAIN.

Werewolf - Take the first letters of the rejected wolves from Flair, Aware, and Care.

Medusa - Find the law firm plaques that match the backgrounds of the stripes on the flag. What color is the & character on those plaques?

Mummy - Take the #4 ribbon and wrap it around the three dowels that fit onto the circles.

Minotaur - Show this hint to the staffer to get the answers to two clues you don't have. The first numbers are the lengths of the answers and the second numbers index into your answers.

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When considering your answer words, think about where your monster friends are from and what they might actually have been telling you.

It's interesting to note that Cyclops could have also been from Australia and your Pokémon friends could have been from Brazil.

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You have really good monster friends. Perhaps they were giving you a secret RSVP in a language that was familiar to them. They weren't really saying NO, they were...

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Could they actually be saying YES? Look deep within their answers to find this word in their language of origin.

To get a message out of that, there's another hint in the gift note.

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For example, the answer for Pockét Monsters is SIMULATION. Portuguese for YES is SIM. And if you "look past that," you'll take the letter following it, which is U. Your answer will read in the order of the monster's signatures.

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ghouled you

"GHOULED YOU!!!!" all her friends shouted as they leapt out from behind the bar. "Man, we almost blew it! We've been planning this party for weeks! C'mon, we'll get you a drink!"

Joan couldn't believe it. A warmth crept back into her bones - it looks like she had found her friends after all.