"Cyclops! What are you up to today!"

"I just got out of a 3-D movie...I didn't get it, am I supposed to see something?"

"Not with that eye, pal! Hey, you wanna come to my Death Day party tonight?" Joan asked hopefully.

Puzzle Files

The following files are required to solve this puzzle:

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Use the cubes to build three separate contiguous structures, whose bases all touch the paper on the white squares (avoiding the red Xs). Each block counts a single letter, which is the same no matter which face you're looking at.

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In the upper left drawing, start by placing FEAST and GIF on the bottom layer, with OFF running down into the F of FEAST.

In the middle drawing, the two lowest Z words are IMP and OWN.

In the lower right drawing, YUKON is the Z word running down touching the paper in the upper left corner.

If you weren't doing this already, we recommend building straight onto your poster.

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Once you're done building the structures, you'll need to have the viewpoint of a cyclops. Well, actually 3 vie

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Each block makes a 2D letter when viewed from a certain direction.

Read the first three letters by looking straight up the page at the three structures, the second three letters by looking from the left, and the final three from the left side of the page, but looking down from the top. One of the letters is lower case.

This is the last hint. Come see the staffer for any additional help with this puzzle.

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eye shadow

"Remember, Joan, nothing gets under your skin..." she told herself as she walked away from yet another rejection. "One more to go. I wonder if I shouldn't have waited until the last minute to ask everyone...oh well, I'm sure this next friend will be available."