A Spook-tacular Puzzle Hunt
hosted on October 15th 2016

It appears the days were getting cooler and wetter. Not that Joan minded. She was thin and walked delicately. Her porcelain features shimmered in the light. She could sense the changing weather in her bones, but that was not all she could feel. "Tonight", Joan Marrow squealed, "we celebrate my Death Day!"

Death Day is a celebration thrown by monsters to commemorate the anniversary of their death. Joan Marrow’s Death Day party will be no gloomy affair. She is going to invite ten of her friends. She needs help locating her friends and inviting them to the party.

You will embark on a journey with Joan Marrow to find her ten monstrous friends today and invite them to her party. Each monster will be at a different location and you will need to solve a puzzle to get directions to their location.

On Saturday at kickoff, you will be given a hunt start code to begin your adventure!

Hi, my name is Joan Marrow. Today is my one chance all year to get into the spirit of fun. It’s my death day. A Death Day is the day where monsters like skeletons, ghouls, and zombies celebrate our deaths! I’m going to invite 10 of my monstrous friends, and all of you of course. You’re all coming to my Death Day party, right? I wouldn’t miss it for anything!

There’ll probably be so many of my friends at the party, I won’t have any trouble having some BODY to dance with. But, I’ll need your help locating my friends and inviting them, which shouldn’t be a problem. There’s something about a death day that lets a person get imaginative. You can do something that you wouldn’t ordinarily do. Or make something out of nothing. Rumor has it that my monster friends like to RSVP in the form of puzzles. That sounds so cool. I love puzzles!

I’m going to cross my fingers that nothing bad happens to me today. In my 800 years on this earth – well, more or less on this earth- something terrible has always happened to me on this day. For example, a few hundred years ago archeologists dug me up and I hated it! Those archaeologists are nothing but scientific peeping toms. It’s not fair to sneak up on a gal while she’s sleeping. I mean… What'd they expect to find... I've got nothing to hide. Or should I say, I’ve got no people in my closet.

But I digress, with all of you here I’m sure it’s a sign all is going to go well today. If you like fun as much as anybody, you’re going to love meeting my friends and enjoying my party. You ready for a spook-tacular day!?

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Mr. Hyde
Death Day Party