Past Hunts

DCPHR #1 (2016)

Joan Marrow celebrates her Death Day. A Death Day is the day where monsters like skeletons celebrate their deaths! Joan Marrow invites 10 of her monstrous friends, and all of the puzzle hunters of course, to her party. The puzzle hunters locate each monster and solve clues to find out each monster's response to the invitation in an attempt to help Joan throw a spook-tacular party.

DCPHR #2 (2017)

The library has just received a new shipment of books and a few donations. In the donation bin we cam across a mysterious book. It is unclear how the book came to be or where it originally came from but it seems to have a clear vendetta. So far, those who have tried to read it have experienced a wide variety of misfortune.

DCPHR #3 (2018)

Welcome to the DeCaux PHaiR for the 50th DeCaux PHamily Reunion! It’s hard to believe that we have been running this carnival for 50 years. Fortunately you were all able to make it today, but I’m afraid there’s some bad news. As you can see, apart from the family we don’t have any guests today, on account of this freak snowstorm.

What is DCPH®?

DCPH® (pronounced "decipher" and often written DCPHR) stands for D.C. Puzzle Hunters. Inspired by day-long puzzle hunts from around the world (like DASH, BAPHL, and BANG), DCPHR is a day-long walking event in and/or around DC. Teams of roughly four people solve puzzles of all types, moving from location to location.